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Good afternoon,
King Kash here, Hip Hop artist from Detroit, MI and member of DLE Knuckleheadz. Hip Hop community. Lets ponder that concept. For the past few decades we have seen the power of hip hop shift from coast to coast in each respective hip hop communities, i.e . West Coast, East Coast, Down South. However, being a Detroit artist I am lost as to how we can’t follow the formula for success. It has been proven to work time and time again. We can all eat if we knew how to eat in “portions” . I know it sounds crazy but sharing the wealth, time, space with one another will elevate us all to new heights. So this is my challenge to you, Detroit Hip Hop Community, and to Detroit Music as a whole .Lets come together now, when we have the focus on us and show the world why we are the home of legends.

I urge you to comment with your music, links to videos, websites and all! Lets us now support the dreams and movements of thise around us so that we all see the shine we deserve!

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