A Word From the Knuckleheadz Creative Director

A Word From the Knuckleheadz Creative Director

Ladies and gents my name is Alex Blur the creative director for the DLE knuckleheadz.  I’m the guy in charge for taking their pictures, map out their social media, video shoots, pretty much appointed creating the whole knuckleheadz visual aspect.
 I’ve pretty much been involved in art all my life. I’ve worked for print shops, done graphics for the United States government, multi-million dollar companies, the weed industry and now I run my own business Kush high life. Watching the  knuckleheadz for a number of years, love their music but to go to the next level the visuals we need to be solid more tight. So after a couple of meets they accepted me.

 Currently I exclusively work with knuckleheadz because so much goes into it. It will be hard to be stretched 1 million ways because nothing will get done to the best of this potential. The very first project I was involved in with the knuckleheads was FWU you I had done a digital design for their single.
 Looking back a little overzealous in creating that cover cut my skills weren’t fully developed so after a few years of studying and getting into the niche field.  I was ready to do the designs for the EP Moonrock volume one.
 Moonrock vol.1  is so special to me because it was more than just an album cover, it was the beginning of a musical universe. After speaking to the knuckleheadz I found out that they wanted to become cartoon characters, they were infatuated with cartoon videos and everything toon.

 We created a universe from scratch everything‘s hand drawn everything has a purpose. Everything in the universe has a musical purpose so six months later, we’re still developing the universe, characters and the worlds that we have created can be translated into T-shirts and other brand materials.  The universe is too big for the knuckleheadz alone so, we expanded it to all musical outlets so if you do music you mess with the knuckleheadz chances are you’ll be included in the universe.

 Currently working on the mixed tape titled  project dark odyssey which in the official name will pick the name as soon as we get done with the tracklist see the overall mood of mixtape.
 I got to get back on the ground but you guys can expect the mixtape to drop Black Friday and rumored the Album will drop first-quarter 2018 the album will be releasing in with that for the animated videos, movable avatars and more. The veil between this world and the knuckleheads so stay tuned and thank you for all your support

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