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The motor city its party music scene buzzing again. The Knuckleheadz have launched their new EP, Moon Rock Vol. 1 featuring an eight song track with a variety of hip-hop, with rhythm and blues. The album can be picked up on the band’s website, Dleknuckleheadz.com.
As a hip-hop, rap and alternative band, The Knuckleheadz also have a state wide tour scheduled in mid-October. Fans can also look forward to a mix tape and other musical creations due out Black Friday 2017. Moon Rock Vol. 1 carries the unique style of the band with storytelling that paints a vivid picture, and every track turns up the scene. Some of recent tracks by The Knuckleheadz that gained popularity are ‘FWU’, ‘Lingerie N RedBottoms’, and ‘Winners’.
“We are proud to present the party music of the motor city,” said the band members.Read more

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    Don Cheelo

    The Party Animal.

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    The Singer.

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    King Kash

    The Turn Up.

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    K. Lloyd

    The mouth piece.